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Unveiling the Secrets: Hockey Canada Summit Dissects the World of Elite Men’s Hockey


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The Hidden Messages of Hockey Masks

Step into the world of elite men’s hockey in Canada, and you’ll find a culture dominated by toxic masculinity. This toxic environment can breed racism, sexism, and homophobia within the game. But now, a group of university hockey players is shedding light on this issue through a unique research project.

The Masks Speak Volumes

At Hockey Canada’s Beyond The Boards Summit, a two-day event dedicated to addressing the challenges of elite men’s hockey, a collection of masks took center stage. These masks, created by university hockey players, aimed to demonstrate the impact of toxic masculinity on men in the game.

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Each mask tells a story. On the outside, one mask proudly displays the words “boys will be boys, power, kings.” But on the inside, a different narrative unfolds with the words “pain, suicidal, need love.” Another mask showcases “smart, focused, money” on the exterior, while revealing “angry, unsure, bi” on the interior.

A Silent Struggle

According to Teresa Fowler, an assistant professor at Concordia University of Edmonton and the researcher behind this project, these masks represent conversations that men often struggle to have. The masks provide a visual representation of the hidden emotions and experiences that toxic masculinity suppresses.

By showcasing these masks at the summit, the players hope to spark a dialogue about the harmful effects of toxic masculinity in hockey. They aim to challenge the status quo and create a more inclusive and accepting environment within the sport.

Breaking the Cycle

It’s no secret that hockey holds a special place in Canadian culture. However, it’s time to address the toxic elements that have become ingrained in the sport. By acknowledging the presence of toxic masculinity, we can begin to break the cycle and create a healthier and more respectful hockey community.

These masks serve as a powerful reminder that behind the tough exterior of hockey players, there are vulnerable individuals who deserve support and understanding. It’s time to redefine what it means to be a man in the world of hockey and embrace a more compassionate and inclusive approach.

Through research projects like this, we can shed light on the issues that plague our beloved sport and work towards a future where hockey is a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

The Hidden Realities of the Hockey Locker Room

Conforming to Behaviors and the Pressure Within

Behind the closed doors of the hockey locker room lies a world filled with hidden realities. It is a place where conformity to certain behaviors is not only expected but also enforced. The pressure to fit in and be accepted by teammates can be overwhelming, often leading players to compromise their own values and beliefs. This was one of the thought-provoking themes that kicked off the recent summit on hockey culture, which is set to conclude on Saturday.

The Struggle Against Violence and the Mask of Toughness

According to Fowler, one of the researchers involved in the study, the men participating in the research were often forced to do things that went against their own constitution. For instance, some players knew they would have to engage in fights on the ice, causing them immense stress and anxiety. To cope with this pressure, they resorted to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as excessive drinking and sleep deprivation. These revelations shed light on the hidden struggles that players face behind the scenes.

A Summit Shrouded in Secrecy

The summit, attended by leaders from both minor and professional hockey, aimed to address these issues and bring about positive change. However, the workshop sessions and panel discussions were closed to the media, raising questions about the transparency of the event. While the intention behind this decision remains unclear, it is crucial to ensure that the discussions and solutions generated at the summit reach a wider audience to have a lasting impact.

Unveiling the Dark Side of Hazing

One of the most shocking revelations at the summit was the prevalence of hazing rituals within the hockey culture. These initiation practices often involve subjecting rookies to humiliating and degrading experiences. For instance, one example shared was making a male player wear a dress, intentionally aiming to make him feel inferior to his teammates. Such practices not only perpetuate a toxic environment but also contribute to the perpetuation of harmful gender stereotypes.

Sexism in the Locker Room

Another disturbing aspect highlighted during the summit was the use of sexual terms and references to female anatomy by coaches during pre-game chalk talks. This blatant sexism further reinforces the notion that women are inferior and objectifies them in a male-dominated sport. By addressing these issues head-on, the summit aims to challenge the deeply ingrained sexist attitudes that exist within the hockey community.

The Intersection of Hockey and Colonization

In a thought-provoking presentation, Fowler drew attention to the historical connection between hockey and Canada’s history of white colonization. She explained that the elite male hockey culture has been shaped by the pioneering spirit of colonization, intentionally marginalizing those who do not conform to the dominant culture. This practice of gender discrimination and assimilation continues through hazing rituals, rookie parties, and other cultural norms that exist within the hockey world.

In conclusion, the recent summit on hockey culture has shed light on the hidden realities and challenges faced by players behind closed doors. From the pressure to conform to the toxic behaviors within the locker room to the prevalence of hazing and sexism, it is evident that change is needed. By addressing these issues openly and honestly, the summit aims to create a more inclusive and respectful environment within the sport. Only by acknowledging and challenging these deep-rooted problems can we hope to create a brighter future for hockey.

Addressing the Challenges in Men’s Ice Hockey

Men’s ice hockey has long been associated with a certain code of conduct, often referred to as the “bro code” or the “locker room code.” This code promotes a culture of silence and expects players to adhere to a particular brand of masculinity that can be violent and aggressive. However, Hockey Canada is now taking steps to address these challenges and create a more inclusive and respectful environment within the sport.

Mapping Out the Path Forward

The primary goal of the summit was to understand the problems within men’s ice hockey and begin to map out a path forward. It aimed to identify the key areas that need improvement, determine who should be involved in the process, and even consider removing those who are resistant to change.

Henderson expressed her commitment to making necessary changes, stating, “Our plans might mean that we will have to rethink some of the things that we hold dear, and believe to be true or an intrinsic part of hockey.”

Creating a Cultural Shift

The culture of men’s ice hockey has deep roots, and changing it will not be an easy task. However, the summit participants recognized the need for a cultural shift in order to create a more inclusive and respectful environment for everyone involved in the sport.

One of the key aspects discussed was the importance of education and awareness. By educating players, coaches, and officials about the impact of their words and actions, it is hoped that they will become more mindful of their behavior and strive to create a positive atmosphere both on and off the ice.

Breaking the Silence

Another significant issue addressed during the summit was the culture of silence that often surrounds incidents of misconduct or abuse. Many participants emphasized the need for a safe reporting system and support mechanisms for those who come forward with their experiences.

By breaking the silence and encouraging individuals to speak up, it is believed that the sport can begin to address these issues head-on and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

The Future of Men’s Ice Hockey

The Hockey Canada Summit marks an important step towards creating a more inclusive and respectful environment within men’s ice hockey. While there is still much work to be done, the commitment and dedication shown by the participants give hope for a brighter future.

By challenging the existing norms and expectations, and by promoting education, awareness, and accountability, it is possible to reshape the culture of men’s ice hockey and ensure that it becomes a sport that values respect, inclusivity, and fair play.

Change may not happen overnight, but with continued efforts and a collective commitment, the future of men’s ice hockey can be transformed into one that embraces diversity and fosters a positive and supportive community for all.

The Controversy Surrounding Hockey Canada

In 2018, a scandal rocked the hockey community when a former player accused Hockey Canada of negligence and failing to protect him from sexual abuse. The allegations were made public during a gala event for the national men’s junior team, sending shockwaves throughout the country.

While it’s important to note that the allegations have not been proven in court, the revelation that a portion of minor hockey registration fees were used to settle similar lawsuits only added fuel to the fire. This revelation further intensified the public’s outrage and raised questions about the organization’s handling of such sensitive matters.

A New Era of Change

In response to the controversy, Hockey Canada’s board underwent a significant overhaul. Retired Ontario judge Hugh Fraser was elected as the new chair, bringing with him a fresh perspective and a commitment to addressing the issues that have plagued the organization.

Fraser acknowledges that change takes time, but he is confident that the will to remove the barriers that have held people back is present within Hockey Canada. He recognizes that some of these issues are not unique to hockey but believes that the organization has a responsibility and a leadership role to play in paving a better path forward.

Addressing Societal Issues

Fraser emphasizes that the problems faced by Hockey Canada are not isolated to the sport itself. They are societal issues that require a collective effort to overcome. By acknowledging this, Hockey Canada aims to take a proactive stance in addressing these issues and setting an example for other organizations.

While the road ahead may be challenging, Fraser’s leadership and the commitment of Hockey Canada’s board members provide hope for a brighter future. The organization is determined to create a safe and inclusive environment for all participants, ensuring that the focus remains on the love of the game and the development of young athletes.

A Call for Accountability

One of the key aspects of Hockey Canada’s transformation is a renewed emphasis on accountability. The organization is taking steps to ensure that all allegations of misconduct are thoroughly investigated and that appropriate actions are taken. By holding individuals accountable for their actions, Hockey Canada aims to rebuild trust and restore confidence in the organization.

Fraser and the board members understand that rebuilding trust will not happen overnight. It requires a sustained effort and a commitment to transparency. However, they are determined to learn from past mistakes and create a culture where the safety and well-being of all participants are paramount.

A Brighter Future for Hockey Canada

While the controversy surrounding Hockey Canada has undoubtedly tarnished its reputation, the organization is determined to emerge stronger and more resilient. Through a commitment to change, accountability, and addressing societal issues, Hockey Canada aims to create a better future for the sport and its participants.

With Fraser at the helm, there is renewed hope for a safer and more inclusive hockey community. By working together and learning from the past, Hockey Canada can pave the way for a brighter future, where the love of the game can thrive without fear or hesitation.


Hockey Canada’s summit in Calgary marks an important step towards addressing the culture of silence and abuse within the sport. While there is still much work to be done, this initiative demonstrates a commitment to change. By fostering a safe and inclusive environment, Hockey Canada is paving the way for a brighter future in hockey. It is up to all individuals involved in the sport to actively contribute to this cultural shift and ensure that everyone feels valued and respected.

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