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India Triumphs as G20 Embraces New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration


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Prime Minister Modi Chairs⁤ G20 Summit

Exciting news! Prime Minister Modi is currently chairing the G20 summit, and ​it’s already making waves.⁤ In his opening remarks,⁢ Modi expressed his gratitude to the ministers, sherpas, and officials‍ who worked tirelessly to make this event possible. Their dedication and hard work truly deserve⁣ recognition.

India’s G20 Presidency Secures Adoption of New Delhi Leaders Declaration

In a momentous achievement for India’s G20 presidency, Prime​ Minister Narendra Modi announced ⁢the adoption of the New Delhi Leaders Declaration. This significant victory ​comes at a time of escalating tensions and divergent views surrounding the Ukraine conflict.

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A Consensus Reached on the ​Declaration

The announcement of consensus on the declaration⁢ and its subsequent adoption followed India’s circulation of a new text to the G20 countries, outlining the details of ‌the Ukraine conflict. Prime Minister Modi ​expressed his gratitude for the hard⁤ work⁤ of the teams involved and ​the cooperation of all the leaders present at the summit.

“Friends, we have just received‍ some great⁤ news. ⁢With the dedicated efforts of our teams and the collaboration⁢ of all of you, we have reached a consensus on the New Delhi G20 Summit Leaders Declaration,” Modi shared with ‍the leaders in attendance. He then ‌proudly ⁢declared, “I am pleased to announce that ⁣this declaration is⁣ officially adopted!” as he ⁤banged the gavel three times.

Global Leaders Gather at the ⁢G20 Summit

The G20 Leaders’ ⁢Summit has ⁣attracted the participation of ⁤prominent ‍figures from around the ⁢world.⁤ Among ⁢the attendees ‌are‌ US President Joe Biden, Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da⁢ Silva, among others. Notably absent‌ from the summit are Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

As the G20 Summit progresses, the adoption of the New Delhi Leaders Declaration stands as a testament to⁢ India’s diplomatic prowess and⁣ its commitment to fostering international cooperation. This⁣ achievement will undoubtedly shape‍ the discussions and outcomes​ of the ​summit, ⁣as leaders come together to address pressing global challenges⁢ and chart a path towards a more prosperous and harmonious​ future.

A Historic Breakthrough

The G20 Sherpa of India, Amitabh Kant, took to X to‌ share‍ the exciting news. He described the‌ G20 Declaration as “historical and path-breaking,” highlighting the ‍remarkable achievement of achieving 100% consensus⁤ on all developmental and ⁢geopolitical issues. The new geopolitical⁣ parameters outlined in the declaration emphasize the​ importance of the planet, ‌people, peace, and prosperity in today’s world.⁢ This achievement is a testament to Prime Minister‌ Modi’s exceptional leadership.

Challenges Faced

However,‌ it’s important to note that reaching this⁢ consensus was not⁣ without its challenges. During the G20 Sherpa⁢ meeting held in‍ the Nuh district of ​Haryana from September ⁣3-6, there was no agreement on the text to describe the Ukraine issue. ⁢The principle of consensus, which the G20 operates under, was put‌ to the test.

In previous years, both Russia⁣ and China had initially agreed to the two paragraphs on the Ukraine conflict in the Bali declaration. ‌However, this year they backtracked, creating difficulties for India. This opposition from Russia‍ and China to any​ text referring to the Ukraine conflict posed ⁤a significant obstacle throughout India’s G20 presidency.

Despite these challenges, the G20 ⁢summit has proven to be a platform for constructive dialogue and collaboration among world leaders.‍ The ⁤consensus reached on the Ukraine conflict​ demonstrates the commitment of‍ G20 countries to address global⁤ issues collectively.

Photo: Prime Minister’s Office, Government of IndiaGODL-India, via Wikimedia Commons

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