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Former Goldman Sachs Strategist Abby Joseph Cohen Warns: Brace Yourself for a Rising Risk of U.S. Recession


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According to ​Cohen, ​there are several factors that have contributed to the increased probability of a recession. One of the main concerns is the ongoing trade war between ⁢the United‍ States and China. The uncertainty surrounding trade policies and the debt potential impact on global supply chains have created a ⁢sense of unease among businesses and investors.

In addition, Cohen pointed out that the manufacturing sector⁣ has⁤ been showing ‌signs of weakness. The⁣ recent data on industrial production and manufacturing activity have been disappointing, indicating a slowdown‌ in this⁤ key sector of the economy. This is⁢ particularly‍ concerning because manufacturing has⁤ been a driver ⁤of​ economic growth in recent years.

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Furthermore, Cohen‍ highlighted‌ the potential risks associated with the corporate ⁢debt market. ​Over⁢ the past decade, companies‌ have taken advantage ⁤of low interest ​rates to borrow heavily, leading to a⁣ significant increase in corporate debt ​levels. If economic conditions deteriorate, these highly leveraged companies could ​face difficulties in servicing ⁢their ⁤debt, which​ could have broader implications for the overall economy.

Despite these concerns, ⁤Cohen emphasized that ⁢she does ‍not believe a recession is the‌ most likely scenario at‌ this‌ point. She acknowledged that the U.S. economy is still growing, albeit⁢ at a slower pace, and that ‍the consumer sector remains strong. However, she ‍cautioned that the risks have increased and investors⁣ should be prepared for a potential downturn.

In ⁤conclusion, Abby Joseph ⁤Cohen’s remarks highlight the growing concerns about⁤ the possibility⁣ of a recession in the U.S. economy. While it‌ may not ‌be the ​base ‍case scenario, ⁣the probability of a downturn has been rising in recent months. Factors‍ such ‌as the trade​ war, weakness in the manufacturing sector, and high‌ levels of corporate debt have contributed to this increased risk. Investors should closely monitor these ‍developments ‍and ⁤be prepared for potential market⁢ volatility in the coming months.

The Current⁢ State of the US Economy and Future Outlook

The US economy has experienced a unique set of circumstances over the past year and⁢ a​ half. With​ the government’s ⁤stimulus payments and the suspension of ​student⁣ loan repayments during the⁣ pandemic, coupled with‍ a relatively healthy labor market, the ⁢economy seemed ⁤to be on⁢ a positive trajectory. However, according to experts, the tailwinds⁤ that ​were propelling the economy forward ⁤have weakened.

A Challenging Forecast

Janet Cohen, an economist, believes that forecasting the US ⁢economy over the next 12 to⁢ 18 months will ‌be more⁤ difficult than ever.⁤ One of the ⁣reasons⁤ for this is the political landscape during an‍ election year, ‍which can have a significant impact on the ‌economic outlook. Cohen suggests that political issues may weigh on the economy, making it harder to predict ⁢its future​ direction.

Potential ​Government Shutdown

One specific concern is the upcoming deadline for​ Congress to pass a ​new federal budget deal by September 30th. If this deadline is ‌not met, ‍there is a chance‍ of a government shutdown. While some⁣ Republicans are eager to reach ⁤a budget‌ deal by the end of the ​month, there ‌are others who want to create friction. Cohen warns that a government shutdown could have far-reaching consequences that are difficult‍ to quantify.

Unforeseen Consequences

Cohen‍ highlights the potential problems associated with a government shutdown, particularly in relation to social security payments. If the government shuts down, ⁢it could disrupt the distribution ⁣of these crucial payments, causing⁤ financial hardship for many individuals and families. The ripple effects of a shutdown⁤ can be far-reaching and have a negative impact on various sectors⁣ of the economy.

In conclusion, the US economy is facing a more challenging landscape than it did 18 months ⁣ago. The weakening tailwinds, coupled with political uncertainties during an election year,⁤ make it harder⁣ to forecast the future of ⁤the economy. The looming ‌deadline for a ⁣federal budget deal adds ⁤another layer of uncertainty, with the possibility of a ​government shutdown. It ‌is ​crucial for policymakers to navigate these ​challenges carefully to ensure the stability and growth of the US economy.

The ​Potential Impact ⁢of a Government Shutdown ‌on the U.S. Economy

As the⁤ deadline for funding the federal government approaches, concerns⁣ are‍ rising about the potential consequences of a government shutdown. The last⁤ shutdown, which occurred ‌under former President Donald Trump, ‌lasted ​for over​ a month and​ had significant economic repercussions. Now, with less than⁤ a month until the deadline, the possibility of another shutdown looms ⁢large.

The ‍White House’s Call for Action

Last week, the White House urged Congress to pass a short-term⁣ “continuing resolution” to keep the government funded beyond September 30th. This would prevent a shutdown and avoid⁤ the ⁤negative⁣ impact it could have‌ on the economy. Without action‍ from Congress, ⁤the government’s funding will run out, leading to a halt ​in various government services⁤ and operations.

Potential Consequences for the Economy

A ​government shutdown can have far-reaching‍ effects on the U.S. economy. It ‌disrupts the functioning of government agencies, delays payments to federal employees ‍and contractors, and hampers economic growth. The uncertainty caused ‍by a shutdown can‌ also negatively impact consumer and ⁤business confidence,⁤ leading ​to reduced spending and investment.

Furthermore, a shutdown can have ripple effects on various sectors, such as tourism, transportation, and small businesses that⁤ rely on government contracts. The stock market may ​also experience volatility and decline as ⁤investors react to the uncertainty and ⁤potential economic slowdown.

Political ‌Implications

Aside ‌from the economic consequences, ‌a government shutdown can⁤ have significant political implications. It can erode public trust in the government and its ability to function effectively. The blame game between political parties often intensifies during a shutdown,⁤ further⁢ polarizing the nation and potentially affecting future elections.

Analysts have suggested that a government shutdown⁢ could impact Republicans’ chances in the 2024 election. The public’s perception of the party responsible for‍ the shutdown could influence their voting decisions, especially if it is seen as a ​result of political gridlock ​and dysfunction.

Stock​ Market Performance

Despite ⁢concerns about a⁣ potential government shutdown, the stock market managed to recover⁢ from a four-session losing streak for‍ the Nasdaq Composite. The S&P 500 and the​ Dow Jones Industrial ⁢Average also experienced declines‌ for the week, but the overall impact was less severe than initially anticipated.

It⁢ is important to note​ that the stock market’s performance is influenced ‍by various factors, including economic indicators, corporate earnings, and global events. While a government shutdown can contribute to market volatility, it is not the sole determinant of stock prices.

As the deadline approaches, investors and ⁤market participants will closely ​monitor ​the developments‍ in Congress and the⁢ potential⁢ for‍ a government shutdown. The outcome will not only impact the economy but also shape the political landscape leading up to future elections.

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Tomas Hulman
Tomas Hulman
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