Science & NatureCopenhagen Atomics: Revolutionizing Energy with Thorium Reactors - Unveiling...

Copenhagen Atomics: Revolutionizing Energy with Thorium Reactors – Unveiling the First Reactor in 2028!


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Copenhagen Atomics: Pioneering the Future of Green Energy

Imagine a world powered by clean and affordable energy, more sustainable than coal. That’s the dream that Copenhagen Atomics is working towards. With over 25 million euros raised and a team of dedicated experts, they are making significant progress in the development of thorium molten salt breeder reactors.

A Decade of Innovation

Almost a decade ago, Copenhagen Atomics was founded with a vision to revolutionize the energy industry. Their goal was to create a thorium molten salt breeder reactor, a technology that could provide scalable and green energy at a lower cost than coal. Today, they are closer than ever to turning this dream into a reality.

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Full-Scale Prototypes and Purified Salt

Copenhagen Atomics has made remarkable strides in their research and development. They have successfully built full-scale prototype reactor test platforms, bringing them one step closer to mass manufacturing. Additionally, they have achieved the production of ton-scale highly purified salt, a crucial component for their thorium reactors.

Compact and Powerful

One of the most impressive aspects of Copenhagen Atomics’ technology is the size and efficiency of their reactors. They are developing a thorium-based molten salt reactor that can fit into a 40-foot shipping container. Despite its compact size, this reactor has the capacity to deliver 100 MW thermal energy per unit. This means that it can generate a significant amount of electricity, making it a viable alternative to traditional power sources.

Affordable and Sustainable Energy

Copenhagen Atomics is not only focused on creating a powerful reactor, but also on making it affordable and sustainable. They aim to achieve an electricity price (LCoE) below $20/MWh in a mass manufacturing scenario. This would make their thorium reactors not only environmentally friendly but also economically viable.

The Waste Burner: A Game-Changer

One of the most exciting projects Copenhagen Atomics is working on is the Waste Burner. This innovative reactor will run on a combination of thorium and used nuclear fuel, effectively reducing the storage period of existing nuclear waste from 100,000 to 300 years. The Waste Burner, with its 100 MWth capacity, will provide abundant energy in a cheaper, safer, and cleaner manner.

Looking Towards the Future

Copenhagen Atomics has set an ambitious timeline for their projects. They plan to have the Waste Burner online by 2028, marking a significant milestone in the field of nuclear energy. With their groundbreaking technology and dedication to sustainability, Copenhagen Atomics is poised to shape the future of green energy.

The Future of Molten Salt Reactors

Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs) have long been considered a promising technology for nuclear power generation. With their ability to operate at high temperatures and use liquid fuel, MSRs offer several advantages over traditional nuclear reactors. Now, a team of researchers is taking the development of MSRs to the next level by building a non-fission prototype for a 1 MWth demo reactor.

Building a Non-Fission Prototype

The team is currently in the process of constructing a non-fission prototype for the 1 MWth demo reactor. This prototype will validate the reactor design using a non-nuclear fuel salt. The goal is to have an operational 1 MWth demo reactor ready by 2025. This is an exciting step forward in the development of MSRs and brings us closer to realizing their full potential.

Mass Construction of Waste Burner MSRs

Once the 1 MWth demo reactor is successfully operational, the team plans to move forward with mass construction of waste burner MSRs. These reactors will be the size of shipping containers and will be capable of efficiently burning waste. This is a significant development in the field of nuclear power, as it offers a sustainable solution for managing and disposing of nuclear waste.

A Brief History of Molten Salt Reactors

The concept of molten salt reactors is not new. In fact, the United States was the first to develop and operate a molten salt thermal reactor back in the 1960s at Oak Ridge. More recently, China has also built a small demo molten salt reactor. These early experiments have demonstrated the feasibility of the technology.

The Need for Scale and Economics

While molten salt nuclear technology has been proven to work on a small scale, the challenge lies in scaling it up and making it economically viable. In order for MSRs to become a mainstream source of nuclear power, they need to be able to compete with other forms of energy generation in terms of cost and efficiency. This is a key focus for the research team, and they are confident that with continued development and innovation, MSRs can achieve good economics.


In conclusion, Copenhagen Atomics is making remarkable progress in the development of thorium molten salt breeder reactors. Their compact and powerful reactors have the potential to revolutionize the energy industry, providing affordable and sustainable energy. With the Waste Burner project, they are also addressing the issue of nuclear waste storage, making a significant impact on the environment. Copenhagen Atomics is a true pioneer in the field of green energy, and their dedication to a sustainable future is inspiring.

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