A federal judge dismisses copyright infringement lawsuit against Sam Smith and Normani

In a significant ruling, Judge Wesley L. Hsu has officially dismissed with prejudice the copyright infringement lawsuit that was filed against Sam Smith, Normani, and other parties involved in the creation of the hit song “Dancing with a Stranger.”

Lawsuit Dismissed on the Merits

The lawsuit, brought forward by Sound and Color in March 2022, alleged that Sam Smith and Normani had copied elements from a 2015 track that was uploaded to YouTube. However, after careful consideration and legal proceedings, Judge Hsu has now dismissed the case on its merits, effectively putting an end to the legal battle.

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Legal Victory for Sam Smith and Normani

This ruling comes as a significant victory for Sam Smith, Normani, and their legal team, who had vigorously defended themselves against the allegations. By having the lawsuit dismissed with prejudice, they have successfully proven that there was no copyright infringement involved in the creation of “Dancing with a Stranger.”

The Impact of the Ruling

The dismissal of this lawsuit sets an important precedent in the music industry, reaffirming the importance of originality and protecting artists from baseless copyright claims. It serves as a reminder that artists should be able to create and collaborate freely without the fear of legal repercussions.

Moving Forward

With this legal victory behind them, Sam Smith, Normani, and their fans can now focus on celebrating the success of “Dancing with a Stranger” and look forward to future creative endeavors. The ruling not only clears their names but also reinforces the integrity of their work.